Brown & White Alabaster Chess & Draughts with Inlaid Chest


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This particular set is so well stocked that it is first important to note the stunning level of quality that every element boasts. Both the Staunton-based chess pieces and the traditional draught counters are crafted by hand from solid brown and white Alabaster, in Italy, by the professionals of Scali Alabastro. All of the aforementioned pieces have an individual compartment built into a handmade wooden cabinet that sits underneath the 14 inch board. To quite literally ‘top off’ the set, Scali Alabastro have placed a Brown and White Alabaster Edge to Edge Chess Board on top of the cabinet, which has the ability to slide off to reveal the pieces neatly packed inside. King Height : 3 inches King Weight : 48g Kings Base Diameter : 1 inch Pawn Height : 2.5 inches Pawn Weight : 24g Overall Weight (unpackaged) : 4.0kg Materials Used: Italian Alabster, Resin Board Dimensions : 14 x 14 x 2 inches Size of Playing Squares : 1.3 inches

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