Domino White Wooden Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed Frame – 3ft Single Top and 4ft Small Double Bottom


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Add some modernity to your child’s bedroom with the Domino White Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed. Boasting a brilliant white exterior that is contemporary and versatile, this bed will look great in any boys, girls or even guest room! And with space to accommodate three sleepers, this bed effectively maximises floor space by combining three sleeping spaces in one design.. . . . . . . Bunk Bed Safety. Safety is our number one priority; that’s why the Domino White Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed is compliant with the British Safety Standards and features protective measures to ensure your child stays safe as they sleep. Some of these measures include raised sides and an easy-access ladder that is fixed to the frame of the Domino Bunk Bed.. . . . . . . . Stylish Bunk Bed. The Domino White Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed will make a great addition to any child’s bedroom. Coated in a versatile white coating, the lacquer is wear-resistant and is adaptable to bedrooms of any d├ęcor and style. So not only will the Domino Triple Sleeper last for years, it will maintain a stylish appearance whilst doing so! Not only that, but the white coating of the Domino Bunk Bed means that it can be enhanced with personal touches such as drawings or books to create a bed that is unique to your child. . . . . . . . . A Spacious Triple Sleeper. If floor space is a bit of an issue, or you have siblings that share a room, the Domino Triple Sleeper is a great choice. This is due to the innovative design, where three sleeping solutions are combined into one space. For extra convenience, the Domino White Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed comes with open shelving units on each bunk, allowing your child to store toys, books and more.. .

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