Dunlop Hetfield White Fang Flow 1.00mm Pick Tin of 6



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Expertly crafted. Perfect for passionate performers. The Dunlop Hetfield White Fang Flow 1.00mm Pick Tin of 6 is designed specifically for raging-riffs and heavier playing styles. Heavily inspired by James Hetfields legendary playing style. Metallicas James Hetfield needs a pick that performs in that same monstrous manner he does. Dunlop worked closely with James to create a pick that perfectly complements his style the result – spectacular. Its time to play with speed precision and confidence.Put through the rounds this Flow White Fang Pick has had every tweak and adjustment needed to make it truly out of this world. Bringing you bevelled edges for a crisp snappy attack that scream with bright articulation and focus. Each note or chord you play has the impact you want it to even when playing with lightning speed and immense gain. Dunlop blended both the Flow Picks and the Black Fang picks for the perfect balance of articulation and mass. And with an enhanced grip as well as a custom pattern – your pick stays put through sweaty shredding and intense paces. Superior control is at your fingertips.

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