White Waffle Grey Wicker Moses Basket with White Little Gem Rocking Stand – White


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The bedding and padded quilt are made from our luxury 100% cotton waffle fabric and have a soft full body padded surround for added protection and comfort. This basket also includes a comfortable mattress that you can be certain your baby will sleep peacefully at night on. The basket also has an adjustable hood, perfect to create a cosy sleeping space for your precious little one. The hood can be adjusted and tightened using the fasteners on either side. The mattress is water-resistant and breathable allowing easy air movement and heat dissipation around your baby’s body keeping them cosy all night long. The mattress cover and Moses basket bedding are also washable, just in case of any accidents! The rocking stand, with its attractive curved design, offers a safe and secure place for your Moses basket and baby. With its smooth rocking functionality, the stand will soothe your baby to sleep. Made from solid pine wood with a beautiful white painted finish, makes it a perfect product for any household. The stand is suitable for palm and wicker Moses baskets and is ideal for any nursery. The stand also has adjustable straps to suit different basket styles and sizes.

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